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Current Record: (60-102)

Gm: Ray Cappocchi | Ballpark: Baltimore 10-7, 11-14

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Trade Log for Seattle Steelheads

2020-03-24: Seattle Steelheads trades
Alex Reyes(nc)-STL
to South Shore Shibas for
2021 Rookie SSS #6.0

2019-11-17: Germantown Generals trades
2020 Rookie GTG #6.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
No-Card Right 2020

2019-08-18: Quaoar Crickets trades
Justin Bour(1B-LAA)
to Seattle Steelheads for
2020 Rookie SST #6.0

2019-03-29: Quaoar Crickets trades
2020 Rookie MCD #9.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
Sam Freeman(R-ATN)

2019-03-28: Seattle Steelheads trades
Kyle Farmer(3B-LAN)
to South Shore Shibas for
2020 Rookie SSS #12.0

2019-03-23: Ferengenar Suspenders trades
2019 Rookie FYS #6.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
No-Card Right 2019

2018-12-16: Germantown Generals trades
Justin Turner(3B-LAN)
to Seattle Steelheads for
Anibal Sanchez(S-DEA)
Tony Sipp(R-HOA)

2018-06-25: Ferengenar Suspenders trades
Dustin Fowler(nc)-OAK
to Seattle Steelheads for
Kole Calhoun(RF-LAA)

2017-07-15: Quaoar Crickets trades
2017 Mid QCK #2.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
2018 mid SST #2.0

2016-10-12: Seattle Steelheads trades
Brett Lawrie(3B-OAA)
2017 Rookie SST #5.0
to Wisconsin Woodchucks for
Yunel Escobar(DH-WAN)

2016-07-08: Germantown Generals trades
2016 Mid ULO #3.0
2016 Mid GTG #3.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
2017 Rookie SST #8.0

2016-07-03: Blue Mountain Warthogs trades
2017 Rookie BMW #3.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
Steve Geltz(R-TBA)

2016-07-02: Newark Warpigs trades
2016 Mid MNJ #1.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
Jose Alvarez(R-LAA)

2016-05-17: Seattle Steelheads trades
Pablo Sandoval(3B-BOA)
Josh Fields(R-HOA)
to Wisconsin Woodchucks for
Michael McKenry(C-CON)
Luis Sardinas(3B-MLN)
2017 Mid WWC #1.0

2016-03-25: Bull Mountain Huskies trades
2017 Rookie SSS #5.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
Matt Adams(1B-SLN)

2015-12-23: Ferengenar Suspenders trades
Troy Tulowitzki(SS-CON)
Denard Span(CF-WAN)
Kyle Schwarber(nc)-CHN
to Seattle Steelheads for
Kevin Kiermaier(RF-TBA)
Brad Miller(SS-SEA)
Steven Souza(nc)-TBA

2015-03-28: Miami Naranjeros trades
2016 Rookie MNJ #4.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
Nick Martinez(S-TEA)

2015-03-21: Seattle Steelheads trades
Derek Jeter(SS-NYA)
to Sunnydale Slayers for
2015 Rookie SYS #4.0

2014-12-10: Red Bank 24s trades
Kenley Jansen(C-LAN)
to Seattle Steelheads for
Mark Teixeira(1B-NYA)
2015 Rookie SST #4.0

2014-12-10: Milford Moles trades
Kole Calhoun(RF-LAA)
to Seattle Steelheads for
Jake Odorizzi(S-TBA)

2014-11-06: Miami Naranjeros trades
Torii Hunter(RF-DEA)
2015 Rookie MNJ #6.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
Ervin Santana(S-KCA)

2014-03-08: New York Knights trades
2014 Rookie NYK #2.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
A.J. Ellis(C-LAN)

2013-11-02: Mass Mayhem trades
2014 Rookie MMM #1.0
2015 Rookie MMM #1.0
to Seattle Steelheads for
Koji Uehara(R-TEA)

2012-03-22: Clifton Crusaders trades
Jason Bourgeois(CF-HON)
to Germantown Generals for
2013 Rookie GTG #4.0

2012-03-20: Clifton Crusaders trades
Laynce Nix(LF-WAN)
to South Shore Shibas for
No-Card Right 2013

2011-11-06: Clifton Crusaders trades
Kurt Suzuki (C-OAA)
Zack Greinke(S-KCA)
2013 Rookie CCR #2.0
to Hailey's Comet for
Victor Martinez (C-BOA)
Doug Fister(S-SEA)

2011-11-03: Clifton Crusaders trades
Orlando Hudson (2B-MNA)
to Germantown Generals for
Brian Wilson(C-SFN)

2011-10-14: Clifton Crusaders trades
Jon Niese(S-NYN)
to Miami Naranjeros for
Jerry Sands(nc)-LAN
2012 Rookie MNJ #2.0

2011-08-28: Clifton Crusaders trades
Jose Valverde(C-DEA)
2012 Rookie THM #6.0
to South Florida Hogs for
Scott Feldman(S-TEA)
2012 Rookie SFH #1.0

2011-08-22: Clifton Crusaders trades
Mike Adams(R-SDN)
to Red Bank 24s for
Jon Niese(S-NYN)

2011-07-10: Clifton Crusaders trades
Mid 2011 CCR #3.0
to Mass Mayhem for
2012 Rookie MMM #7.0

2011-07-04: Clifton Crusaders trades
Scott Rolen (3B-CIN)
to Germantown Generals for
Jason Marquis(S-WAN)
Fernando Martinez(nc)-NYN
2012 Rookie GTG #7.0

2011-03-27: Clifton Crusaders trades
2012 Rookie CCR #5.0
to Shiawassee Sharks for
Jeremy Bonderman(S-DEA)

2011-03-26: Clifton Crusaders trades
2012 Rookie CCR #6.0
to Union Lake Owls for
Laynce Nix(LF-CIN)

2011-03-23: Clifton Crusaders trades
Mitchell Boggs(R-SLN)
to Houston Wildcatters for
Cole Gillespie(RF-ARN)

2011-03-21: Clifton Crusaders trades
Bobby Abreu (RF-LAA)
to Germantown Generals for
Chris Capuano(R-MLN)

2011-03-19: Clifton Crusaders trades
2011 Rookie CCR #9.0 (nc)
to Troy Haymakers for
2012 Rookie THM #6.0

2011-03-01: Clifton Crusaders trades
Andy Sonnanstine(R-TBA)
to Germantown Generals for
2011 Rookie GTG #4.0

2011-01-28: Clifton Crusaders trades
Justin Maxwell(CF-WAN)
to Ferengenar Suspenders for
Marcus Thames (LF-NYA)

2010-10-14: Germantown Generals trades
2011 Rookie GTG #5.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
2011 Rookie WWE #6.0

2010-08-26: Germantown Generals trades
Jarrod Washburn(S-DET)
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Carlos Carrasco(nc)-Indians

2010-03-25: Hailey's Comet trades
2010 Mid HCT #1.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Justin Duchscherer(nc)-OAK

2010-03-23: Bull Mountain Huskies trades
2011 Rookie BMH #4.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Carlos Villanueva(S/R-MIL)

2010-03-16: Liberty Hurricanes trades
Derek Jeter (SS-NYY)
Jeremy Affeldt(R-SFG)
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Miguel Tejada (SS-HOU)
Cameron Maybin(CF-FLA)
2010 Rookie WWE #4.0
2011 Rookie WWE #1.0

2010-02-18: Germantown Generals trades
2011 Rookie GTG #2.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
David Murphy (LF-TEX)

2010-02-15: Blue Mountain Warthogs trades
Jermaine Dye (RF-CHW)
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Aubrey Huff (1B-DET)

2009-12-19: South Shore Shibas trades
Orlando Hudson (2B-LAD)
Jose Valverde(C-HOU)
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Billy Butler (1B-KCR)

2009-11-23: Germantown Generals trades
Andy Sonnanstine(S/R-TBR)
to Wanaque War Eagles for
2010 Rookie QCK #4.0

2009-08-27: Bull Mountain Huskies trades
Miguel Tejada (ss-BAL)
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Cesar Izturis (ss-STL)
Tabata, Jose(nc)-PIT

2009-08-26: Red Bank Jints trades
Mark Teixeira (1b-LAA)
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Felix Hernandez(S-SEA)

2009-03-28: South Shore Shibas trades
2010 Rookie SSS #6.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Pedro Martinez(S-NYM)
2010 Rookie WWE #6.0

2009-03-28: Germantown Generals trades
2010 Rookie GTG #7.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Duaner Sanchez(R-NYM)
2010 Rookie WWE #7.0

2009-03-21: Machias Clam Diggers trades
2010 Rookie MCD #5.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Kevin Millar (1b-BAL)

2009-03-02: Quaoar Crickets trades
Aubrey Huff (3b-BAL)
2010 Rookie QCK #4.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Luke Hochevar(S-KC)
2009 Rookie RB2 #1.0
2009 Rookie WWE #4.0

2009-03-02: Hailey's Comet trades
Cesar Izturis (ss-STL)
Scott Rolen (3b-TOR)
2009 Rookie HCT #1.0
to Wanaque War Eagles for
Craig Counsell (3b-MIL)
Jack Hannahan (3b-OAK)
Yorvit Torrealba (c-COL)
Scott Baker(S-MIN)
2010 Rookie WWE #2.0