Red Bank 24s Clubhouse

Current Record: (57-64)

Gm: Doug Woodin | Ballpark: St. Louis 10-7, 4-4

STATUS: Apologies from Walter - Have not been assigning '20 Temps to their respective clubhouse - Should be there now - in pink!

Last Update: 07/06/2020 at 07:09 AM

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Trade Log for Red Bank 24s

2021-08-15: Maine Black Bears trades
2022 Rookie MBB #7.0
to Red Bank 24s for
Andrew Miller(C-SLN)

2020-02-05: Red Bank 24s trades
Pedro Baez(R-LAN)
to Southboro Killer E's for
2020 Rookie MMM #2.0

2019-08-18: Red Bank 24s trades
Peter O'Brien(1B-MMN)
to South Shore Shibas for
2020 Rookie HWC #7.0

2019-08-18: Maine Black Bears trades
Jake Lamb(3B-ARN)
Brian Flynn(R-KCA)
2020 Rookie MBB #3.0
2020 Rookie NYK #5.0
2020 Rookie MBB #5.0
to Red Bank 24s for
David Freese(3B-LAN)
Dellin Betances(R-NYA)
2020 Rookie RB2 #10.0
2020 Rookie RB2 #11.0
2020 Rookie RB2 #12.0

2018-06-21: Germantown Generals trades
Lucas Giolito(S-CHA)
to Red Bank 24s for
Drew Pomeranz(S-BOA)

2018-06-10: Houston Wildcatters trades
Ender Inciarte(CF-ATN)-ptbnl (ptbnl)
to Red Bank 24s for
Pat Neshek(R-CON)
Carl Edwards(R-CHN)

2017-03-25: Houston Wildcatters trades
2018 Rookie HWC #6.0
to Red Bank 24s for
No-Card Right 2017

2017-03-25: New York Knights trades
2018 Rookie NYK #5.0
to Red Bank 24s for
No-Card Right 2017

2016-03-19: Machias Clam Diggers trades
2016 Rookie MCD #3.0
to Red Bank 24s for
2017 Rookie RB2 #2.0

2014-12-12: Quaoar Crickets trades
Oswaldo Arcia(LF-MNA)
Alex Meyer(nc)-MNA
to Red Bank 24s for
Yoenis Cespedes(LF-OAA)

2014-12-12: Liberty Hurricanes trades
Yoenis Cespedes(LF-OAA)
to Red Bank 24s for
Jayson Werth(RF-WAN)

2014-12-10: Red Bank 24s trades
Kenley Jansen(C-LAN)
to Seattle Steelheads for
Mark Teixeira(1B-NYA)
2015 Rookie SST #4.0

2014-07-06: Red Bank 24s trades
Ryan Doumit(C-MNA)
to Wisconsin Woodchucks for
2015 Rookie WWC #5.0

2014-03-22: Blue Mountain Warthogs trades
Michael Pineda(nc)-SEA
to Red Bank 24s for
Joe Nathan(C-TEA)

2013-07-07: Machias Clam Diggers trades
Scott Atchison(R-BOA)
to Red Bank 24s for
No-Card Right 2014
2014 Rookie RB2 #3.0

2012-01-08: Red Bank 24s trades
Brent Morel(3B-CHA)
to Troy Haymakers for
Seth Smith(RF-CON)

2011-11-19: Red Bank 24s trades
Carl Pavano(S-MNA)
to Sunnydale Slayers for
2012 Rookie SYS #2.0
2012 Mid SYS #1.0

2011-08-22: Clifton Crusaders trades
Mike Adams(R-SDN)
to Red Bank 24s for
Jon Niese(S-NYN)

2011-07-10: Red Bank 24s trades
Vicente Padilla(S-LAN)
to Union Lake Owls for
Mid 2011 ULO #2.0
2012 Rookie ULO #6.0

2011-07-04: Maine Black Bears trades
Wilin Rosario(nc)-CON
Mid 2011 MBB #1.0
to Red Bank 24s for
Hong-Chih Kuo(C-LAN)

2011-03-23: Newark Warpigs trades
2012 Rookie NWP #5.0
to Red Bank 24s for
Ronny Paulino (C-FLN)

2010-11-11: Red Bank 24s trades
Lyle Overbay (1B-TOR)
Pedro Feliciano(R-NYN)
to Troy Haymakers for
Jarrod Saltalamacchia(C-BOS)
2011 Rookie THM #2.0

2010-10-25: Miami Naranjeros trades
2011 Rookie ULO #3.0
to Red Bank 24s for
Ryan Theriot (SS-CHC)

2010-10-14: Mass Mayhem trades
Ian Desmond(SS-WSN)
to Red Bank 24s for
2011 Rookie rb2 #1.0

2010-01-12: Red Bank 24s trades
to Red Bank Jints for

2009-03-26: Houston Wildcatters trades
2010 Rookie HWC #3.0
to Red Bank 24s for
Tim Redding(S-WA)

2009-03-26: Red Bank 24s trades
Luke Scott (lf-BAL)
to South Florida Hogs for
2010 Rookie SFH #4.0

2009-03-25: Hailey's Comet trades
Steven Shell(R-WA)
to Red Bank 24s for
2010 Rookie RB2 #2.0

2009-02-17: Germantown Generals trades
2009 Rookie QCK #3.0
to Red Bank 24s for
Jarrod Washburn(S-SEA)