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SYS says: Hey all. So a lousy season comes to an end, but I think I got where I wanted to go. I have been working the last couple of years of shifting from a SP focused team to an offense heavy one. Got tired of having a bunch of pretty good pitchers but always having two or three out for a half season or so due to injury. Therefore, really looking forward to next season. Taking off for my periodic trip to trek the Himalyas again for most of October. I should be available for the CTCBL draft then. I'll figure that out when I get back. Good luck to the Post Season teams.

09/25/2019 at 10:30 PM

RB2 says: As of week 21, the Red Bank 24s own the 4th overall pick in the LOADED '19 rookie draft. The 24s may be open to trading this pick. If interested, drop the RBBF a note!

09/21/2019 at 10:32 AM

MMM says: If anyone has too many assets and will have a difficult time cutting down to 28, hit me up and perhaps we can work out a trade. MMM will put all 2021 draft picks on the table when they become opened for trading and is willing to do 2 for 1 trades to help your roster logjam.

09/20/2019 at 06:30 AM

CHW says: Whales 2020 outlook: Position by position breakdown: C- Maldonado-- no bat, good arm. Casali a decent backup 1B- Big City Adams- homer or whiff. OB under 300, but slg over 500 2b- Biggio and Kemp. Biggio on the rise looks to cover over 50% of the season with a great eye covering his low BA. 3b- Seager- again, missed a goodly part of the season but is nearly up to 500 slg. SS-Simmons has missed a bunch. Bat not as solid as in years past. IF he holds onto his 1, then Whales will be covered at SS. Bichette has had a studly first month in the bigs. Could be a nice hitting/fielding platoon. LF-Upton--barely keepable CF- Trout-- GOAT (okay, greatest in the decade). Only Whale who hasn't spent a lot of time on DL. RF- Luplow will be a decent fill in, but Whales will be looking for a full time RF. SP: Corbin and Pena provide a full season. Stripling will be a fill in. Other starters will have to come from the draft and scrap heap. RP: Wittgren, Harris and Oberg will make a good start toward the pen. All told: unless Whales can find a couple of starters and a strong RF/LF in the lottery, a year of 81-81 may await our second campaign.

08/21/2019 at 04:17 PM

GTG says: GTG's trade block has been updated. I'll listen to any and all ideas on players whether listed or not.

06/29/2019 at 02:00 PM

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Welcome to The CTCBL

The CTCBL is a Strat-o-Matic baseball league that has operated continuously since 1985.

2019 CTCBL Playoff Grid

National League

Wildcard Round:

Southboro 3
Ferengenar 1

Divisional Round:

South Shore

Divisional Round:

North Pole

League Championship:

American League

Wildcard Round:


Divisional Round:


Divisional Round:


League Championship:

CTCBL World Series

Hot Stove...

Posted: 10/14/2019


Strat's roster disk release: Roster cut to 28 (or fewer).

March 20-22/'20: CTCBL Winter Meeting & Rookie Draft - Cooperstown, NY.


A. The five teams with the best record in each league will make the playoffs. Playoff teams must announce their 25 active player rosters prior to each series. Teams that advance may alter their 25 active player rosters prior to each subsequent series.

4. There will be one week off after the regular season. During this week teams will submit their playoff rosters, and stats central will set up the playoff league after a cross-check of playoff rosters has been completed.

B. The first round of the League Playoffs will have the 4th and 5th place teams from each league compete in a best of five series. The second round will have the 1st place team host the winner of the 4th and 5th game series, and the 2nd place team hosting the 3rd place team in a best of seven series. The third round will be the League Championship Series, and the fourth round will be the CTCBL World Series between the AL and NL Champions, each of which will be a best of seven series.

1. In the first three rounds of the playoffs, the team with the better record will have the home field advantage. Ties will be broken by head-to head record, then by lottery.

3. There are four days of rest from the end of the regular season until the start of the playoffs for those teams finishing in the top three.

4. There will be one day of rest following the regular season for the teams playing in the 4/5 series, unless the 5th place team is involved in a playoff game (B.2.). There is no day off for the 5th place playoff game winner, prior to the 4/5 series. The winner of this series will have one day of rest prior to their playoff series against the league pennant winner.

C. There is one day of rest for each travel day within a playoff series (2-2-1, 2-3-2). There is one day of rest between the last game of a playoff series and the first game of the next series.

1. In the playoffs, owners do not give the teams any “days off” to begin a series, as they are already included within the playoff schedule. Note: If one team has completed their series in fewer games than their upcoming opponent, an additional day off is awarded for each fewer game and travel day.

2. The length of any series being played by two American League teams has no effect on the days off between series being played by two National League teams, and vice versa.

3. Prior to the CTCBL World Series, if one league championship series finishes in fewer games than that of the other league championship series, the fewer games and travel days each represent one additional day of rest.



Posted: 4/1/2019

I've put together a document for the new guys that explains how things should work.
---Rob G.

World Series History

2018 Houston Wildcatters 4 Mass Mayhem 3
2017 Southboro Killer E's 4 Houston Wildcatters 1
2016 Mass Mayhem 4 North Parkland Buffaloes 0
2015 Maine Black Bears 4 Union Lake Owls 3
2014 Mass Mayhem 4 Southboro Killer E's 3
2013 Red Bank(NL) 24's 4 Blue Mountain Warthogs 1
2012 Germantown Generals 4 Houston Wildcatters 1
2011 Maine Black Bears 4 South Florida Hogs 0
2010 Red Bank Jints 4 Maine Black Bears 1
2009 Wanaque War Eagles 4 South Shore Shibas 3
2008 Red Bank Jints 4 Shiawassee Sharks 3
2007 Lehigh Valley Lugnuts 4 San Francisco Seawolves 2
2006 San Francisco Seawolves 4 Lehigh Valley Lugnuts 2
2005 San Francisco Seawolves 4 Red Bank 24s 2
2004 Red Bank Jints 4 Germantown Generals 3
2003 Parklotz Bravos 4 Red Bank Jints 2
2002 Ferengenar Yellow Suspenders 4 Mansfield Mounties 2
2001 Mansfield Mounties 4 Maine Black Bears 1
2000 Mansfield Mounties 4 Parklotz Bravos 2
1999 Blue Mountain Warthogs 4 Milford Moles 2
1998 Blue Mountain Warthogs 4 Los Angeles Zoo 3
1997 Blue Mountain Warthogs 4 Los Angeles Zoo 3
1996 North Ridge Quake 4 Milford Moles 2
1995 Milford Moles 4 Betelgeuse Redstars 1
1994 Wanaque War Eagles 4 Los Angeles Zoo 2
1993 Carolina Thunderbolts 4 Milford Moles 2
1992 Boston Bambinos 4 Los Angeles Zoo 2
1991 Milford Moles 4 Maine Black Flies 2
1990 New Jersey Gypsies 4 Arkville Aardvarks 3
1989 Peachtree Mounders 4 Boston Bambinos 1
1988 Peachtree Mounders 4 Dixie Dapper Dans 2
1987 Peachtree Mounders 4 Los Angeles Coasters 3
1986 Peachtree Mounders 4 Boston Bambinos 2
1985 Philadelphia 4 Los Angeles 3