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FYS says: Please remember the new rule regarding active starting pitchers: Each series, a roster must contain at least four starting pitchers who are pitching that week. For example: If a team has two three-game series and the starters at home are A, B, and C, and the starters on the road are D, A, and B, the team would need to keep A, B, C, and D on the roster for both the home and road series. Another example: If the starters were A, B, and C at home, and D, E, and A on the road, the team could keep either (A, B, C and D) or (A, B, C and E) on the home roster, and either (D, E, A and B) or (D, E, A and C) on the road roster.

07/29/2018 at 11:35 PM

SKE says: Play Ball!

04/01/2018 at 12:43 PM

NPP says: Game with cards ordered. Hotel reserved. Now just air needs to be set up. March 23rd will be here soon.

01/24/2018 at 10:51 AM

RB2 says: HAPPY NEW YEAR fellas! barry - we made it to '18!!!!!

01/01/2018 at 10:00 AM

OSS says: Hey Guys, I'm seeking to rebuild. Have a greater interest in acquiring younger players. Take a look at my roster.

02/17/2017 at 03:11 PM

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Welcome to The CTCBL

The CTCBL is a Strat-o-Matic baseball league that has operated continuously since 1985.

Hot Stove...

Posted: 8/18/2018

Sunday, 8/26 - End of 3rd Quarter.
Monday, 9/3 - Trade & Temp request deadlines, 3PM ET.
Tuesday, 9/4 - Mike posts pre-4th quarter files.
Sunday, 9/9 - CMs due, President's check.
Monday, 9/10 - 4th quarter files posted, PLAYBALL.

Temp Draft:
1. The Temp Draft will take place between the 3rd and 4th quarter. Temps are carded players who are not the property of any team. Teams may select up to six players from the temp pool. To select a player(s), a list must be submitted to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner by the date specified.
2. Temp player distribution begins with the team that has compiled the worst W-L record at the end of the 3rd quarter. Only one temp is distributed to a team thru each of the six rounds. Since players on each list may be taken by another owner, the list should contain more players than those desired.
3. If two or more teams request the same player, the team with the lesser winning percentage is awarded the player in question. Should there be a tie, the Commissioner will use a lottery to award the player.
4. Usage availability is directly affected if the temp player in question has been used/cut by a previous owner.
5. These players will be recognized by the League as “temp” players and will not count towards the 33 player roster limit. No player needs to be de-activated when a “temp” player is picked up.
7. Temp players may not be traded, or used in the post season.
8. Teams may not trade temp pick options.
9. Upon the completion of the regular season, temp players will be released into the free agent pool and become eligible for the following rookie draft, if carded.


Mid Draft Resources

Posted: 7/9/2018

The Draft Grid

2018 Stats + carded ratings of Draft Eligibles

Mid Eligibles, filter by carded positions

---Rob G.

2017 CTCBL Playoff Grid

National League

Wildcard Round:

Germantown 3
South Shore 2

Divisional Round:

North Pole 4
Mass 1

Divisional Round:

Germantown 1
Southboro 4

League Championship:

North Pole 1
Southboro 4

American League

Wildcard Round:

Macias 3
Union Lake 2

Divisional Round:

Quaoar 2
Seattle 4

Divisional Round:

Macias 2
Houston 4

League Championship:

Seattle 1
Houston 4

CTCBL World Series

Houston 1
Southboro 4

World Series History

2017 Southboro Killer E's 4 Houston Wildcatters 1
2016 Mass Mayhem 4 North Parkland Buffaloes 0
2015 Maine Black Bears 4 Union Lake Owls 3
2014 Mass Mayhem 4 Southboro Killer E's 3
2013 Red Bank(NL) 24's 4 Blue Mountain Warthogs 1
2012 Germantown Generals 4 Houston Wildcatters 1
2011 Maine Black Bears 4 South Florida Hogs 0
2010 Red Bank Jints 4 Maine Black Bears 1
2009 Wanaque War Eagles 4 South Shore Shibas 3
2008 Red Bank Jints 4 Shiawassee Sharks 3
2007 Lehigh Valley Lugnuts 4 San Francisco Seawolves 2
2006 San Francisco Seawolves 4 Lehigh Valley Lugnuts 2
2005 San Francisco Seawolves 4 Red Bank 24s 2
2004 Red Bank Jints 4 Germantown Generals 3
2003 Parklotz Bravos 4 Red Bank Jints 2
2002 Ferengenar Yellow Suspenders 4 Mansfield Mounties 2
2001 Mansfield Mounties 4 Maine Black Bears 1
2000 Mansfield Mounties 4 Parklotz Bravos 2
1999 Blue Mountain Warthogs 4 Milford Moles 2
1998 Blue Mountain Warthogs 4 Los Angeles Zoo 3
1997 Blue Mountain Warthogs 4 Los Angeles Zoo 3
1996 North Ridge Quake 4 Milford Moles 2
1995 Milford Moles 4 Betelgeuse Redstars 1
1994 Wanaque War Eagles 4 Los Angeles Zoo 2
1993 Carolina Thunderbolts 4 Milford Moles 2
1992 Boston Bambinos 4 Los Angeles Zoo 2
1991 Milford Moles 4 Maine Black Flies 2
1990 New Jersey Gypsies 4 Arkville Aardvarks 3
1989 Peachtree Mounders 4 Boston Bambinos 1
1988 Peachtree Mounders 4 Dixie Dapper Dans 2
1987 Peachtree Mounders 4 Los Angeles Coasters 3
1986 Peachtree Mounders 4 Boston Bambinos 2
1985 Philadelphia 4 Los Angeles 3